It is our desire to share rich, in depth, biblical teaching with you through our collections provided by like minded Brothers and Sisters around the world. We are distributors for Bread of Life Ministries materials here in North America, the teaching ministry of David Nathan in South Africa and our other associated ministries below.

Bread of Life Ministries

The heart of David Nathan and Bread of Life Ministries is to see the whole Church come to the unity of the Spirit and the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus in unity with her Hebraic roots. It is the desire of David’s heart, that these truths may once again bring, joy, liberty, passion and understand back to the Bride of Jesus and that we may all become mature in the knowledge of Him, in unity and in love.


There are those who claim that the 66 books and letters of the Judeo-Christian Bible hold answers to the meaning of life and the uncertainties that face individuals every day. GV247.TV has interviewed a selection of compelling speakers on biblical subject matter with the aim to provide a free resource. Choose from a wide selection of short form films which explore many of the most common questions asked today. All material on this website has been created by and / or is licensed to GV247.TV (The Global Vision Channel) and is under copyright.

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